Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome Roland Pierce

I know I'm about a year behind so don't judge; but we would like to introduce you to Roland Pierce!! (remember no judging)
He was born April 10th @ 5:23 and weighed 8 pds 8 oz and was 21 in. long. He made quite the entrance into the world!! Long story short: I started feeling contractions about 4:30 and my water broke about 4:40. We were on the way to Methodist when Paul had to pull over at mile marker 20 and call 911 because I was feeling the urge to push. Carson was in the backseat this whole time mind you. The ambulance got there and took me to another hospital that was much closer because I wasn't going to make it Methodist. They get me there and Paul literally walks in the room as Roland is being born! Phew! So this is a shout out to my man Jeremy from Rural Metro!! Thanks for getting us there!!

Poor Carson was in the backseat through all the drama so he was very relieved when he could come in the room and see for himself that Roly and I were okay. He is a very proud big brother!! Although he did think it was cool that they sent a fire truck, ambulance and a police car to help us. Carson was the first one, besides Paul and I, to hold him. As you can see he is a gleaming with pride! We'll see how long that lasts.

After 48 hours we were all released and on our way home. One last photo at the hospital before loading everyone up. Thankfully the trip home was a lot less adventurous than the trip there!

So let the adventure with two children begin!!

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