Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the Scotts!

Okay so here we are on Easter! Thanks Michelle for posting the pic for me! I would'nt be able to blog without you!! We had a great Easter with the fam. We had a huge egg hunt at the church on Sat where unfortuately, he didnt find many eggs, but the Easter bunny and grandparents came through for. Once I figure out how to download pics from camera to computer then we will put some more pictures up! Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Very Busy Weekend

Okay so don't have a heart attack...but I am posting to my blog!!! I started a facebook page and posted a blog all in weekend. Holy smokes I am in overload!! So don't expect anything else for awhile. Nothing really to report except that Carson and I have been on spring break all week. He has gone to the movies, the pink palace (twice), spend the night at Nanny's and Mimi's and is going to two birthday parties tomorrow. I'm exhausted!! I am ready to go back to work so that I can slow down again!! Once I figure out how to scan things and/or upload from my camera, then I will post some pics. Cant learn everything all in one weekend!!